One Little Trip – An event to Celebrate Children’s Day


One Little Trip – An event to Celebrate Children’s Day

This Children’s Day was special for the kids who participated in the “One Little Trip” event organized by Team CWF in association with BMA India, Story Mirror and BNP cafe. There was a lot of excitement in the air and although the event was on Saturday, November 17th, 2018 the children had begun their preparations from 15th November 2018.

CWF had conducted a special 1-day workshop in which, Mr. Abhishek Banerjee who is a Keynote Speaker, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Theatre Actor & a Professional Trainer trained the kids on how to be a good compère. He trained the kids in various aspects like Voice modulation, Stage Presence, Leadership, & Confidence. At the end of the workshop 5 young talents- Meher, Vrunda, Ruju, Varun & Devansh were given the responsibility to compère on the event day

Compere Training Workshop_by Abhishek Banerjee


On the Day, Team CWF had an exciting line-up of activities planned. The crowd favourite that day was the “Wall of Fame”. Pre-event, all the participating kids were intimated to share their stories, poems, video clips, sketches etc. The entries received were showcased on the “Wall of Fame”.


Wall of Fame


The event was kicked off to a great start by Lion Amir Virani (Founder, CWF) who welcomed all the kids and parents to the event. It was followed by a “Wall Decoration session” for the children, wherein all the participating kids were given colours, crayons, pencil shading etc. to express their creativity on the blank chart stuck on the walls. This part of the event was hosted by our young and dynamic hosts Varun and Ruju.


Welcome Speech by Lion Amir VIrani


Meher, one of the comperes of the day, introduced India’s youngest Author Karnav Rastogi who has authored the book “Kartik and Mixie”. He took the center stage and read a few excerpts from his book. The audience was completely spellbound by this child prodigy’s writing talent. Followed by this the kids then took a refreshment break.

Then came the most awaited part of the event- The Games & Activity Session, hosted by the tremendous trio of Devansh, Vrunda, & Meher. In the first game, the kids had to eat cookies. Simple, right? Not quite! The cookies were placed on their forehead and without using their hands the kids had to get the cookies to their mouth. During this mouth-watering attempt, the expressions on the children’s faces were simply hilarious and rib-tickling. It was hosted by the tremendous trio of Devansh, Vrunda, & Meher.

Cookie game


Post this amazing game it was the turn of our next presenter Ruju to share the details about an impromptu activity wherein the young ones expressed their feelings by reciting poetries and stories. So out came the Shakespeare and William Wordsworth of the 21st century.

The next activity was handled by the dynamic duo of Ruju & Varun. The children had to pick specific scenarios mentioned in a chit & perform a role play around it. The scenarios were related to parenting. I am sure the kids would have started appreciating their parents more post this session.

Role Play Activity

The last activity of the day was announced by the dazzling divas Meher and Vrunda. The children were made to sit in circles as per their age and provided common materials. Using the material, they were asked to make straw towers, paper collages or clay moulded articles. The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity as well as the event. This was evident through the smiles on the faces of the children and their parents.

Lion Amir Virani gave the Vote of thanks and expressed his gratitude towards all the key stakeholders as without their contribution this event would not have been possible. All the concerned people left the event with a lot of memories and with the satisfaction of a Saturday afternoon being well spent.


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