Learning & Development Function in India- Current Status, Way Forward & Major Hindrances



The most important fact of Learning and Development is Evolving and Adaptation to Change. It is imperative to sustain any knowledge related subject with the help of Books, Digital Media, Electronic Invasion and Networking. But is that “CHANGE” acceptable, is the major issue. Between 50’s – 70’s, US had a market of cognizable scientific approach to Learning & Development. This actually  meant that these were early signs of Brain Drain across the Globe that attracted personnel towards the Western Shores. People were introspecting various trends which would lead to resurrection of Ideas, Writings, Thoughts and Free Writing Interface which brought in new ideologies to a Global Platform.

Currently if we look back two decades in the past, India, has not only surfaced as a Growing Power of Wisdom through Knowledge but also its scholastic overview has brought in new synergy with the growth of fresh minds and fresh outlook. Recently I had read an article in India Today which surfaced an idea about ‘Growing Synergy through Fresh Minds’ which categorically suggested that if we engage more Learners and track their skills and make Leaders out of it, then we can engage them into new brackets of Learning Effectiveness which would comprehend value to their Leadership instinct.


This clearly proves that sustainability of an effective Training program is to implement an effective way to ensure skills are not only learned but also applied in real work environment. This is one of the major hindrance as of now. The system in today’s world is very rigid and the Management policies does not allow much change being applied to the running mechanism of the companies. This also means that every learning and development professional has to ensure that the knowledge thus imparted to the trainees has to go down to the roots of the system to bring out a subtle change refraining which not much would surface.

Another hindrance which is very common now a days is the reformation of knowledge through Networking, and Digital Platforms. A plethora of  diversified knowledgeable facts are sprayed all over the media, but one has to be cautious in the approach to collect meaningful data and arrange them in such a manner that it becomes a glorified manifestation of ideas and thoughts which is not only easy to understand but also is well evolved within the system.

Considering the Brain Drain which pumped up lot of ideas in the minds of scholars to refrain from such activities disallowing our scholars to move overseas to generate ideas and knowledge for foreign students, instead, they should bring about a holistic approach wherein not only the Trainers themselves but also the Trainees benefit through newer ideas and concepts. Knowledge is definitely not restricted to any Man, Cast, Creed, Color, Country or Religion but its scope is for every living individual for them to understand and benefit out of it.

Current Status

India has always emerged as a country where Knowledge has been the key strength over every religion. Chanakya, Swami Vivekanand, Jagatguru Shankracharya, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev to name a few have been eminent speakers who have nurtured the human mind in a holistic way and deciphered knowledge in a meaningful manner.

Intranet, Webinars, Smartphones, Wiki, Evolution of You Tube, E – Learning etc. have emerged as magnifying tools of Learning and Development in the modern era. But these are just tools which help glorify Learning Techniques, and enhance performance initiatives but overall it still remains a Trainers Platform and his deliverance which make a difference. It is just like a gamut of websites on the net but choosing the right one with a correct knowledge is all that matters. India has seen knowledge being disarrayed due to insignificant copying of western culture and its attainment, but a knowledgeable guru deciphers correct format to uplift an individual through impact learning techniques.

Going Forward

This means that we should identify Training Needs and just do not take orders of deliverance in a non meaningful way. We should deliver modern learning experiences to meet expectation of modern learners. The communication process should be very influential and kept in sync with the modern learning systems.

It is just like teaching a child any language irrespective how difficult it is, he would learn in a jiffy because his brain is attuned with his conscience and his subconscious mind is proactive to receive and manipulate signals of effective Learning & Development. We should ideally build a culture of Learning that reflects and rewards Growth. When the future is changing faster than expected then we should also adapt to that change faster than expected.

This approach started quite simply with real time, e mail contact between a self learning, open learning program learner and the central expert or supporting trainer/manager. The logical development of this was a learning program controlled over a set of learners form a central source form which the learning material had been sent. This learning material could be in the form of traditional text, e-mail material or electronic web pages.

The revolutionary techniques (and these are seen by many people as the way in which electronic methods of learning will proceed) involve the internet equivalent of traditional methods is that the presence of any social contract is unnecessary-contact is the interaction of the learner seated in front of the computer visual display unit with a program that originates with a web site any location in the world.

There is yet another point of worry in our Learning and Development area which signifies a Brian Tracy quote –

“It doesn’t matter where you are coming from but All that Matters is where you are going “.

Not many of the World Class L&D Professionals do justice to their knowledge while training their students. It is more of one sided transaction but this leads to only Action and its definitely not a Transaction where two bodies are involved. We have to make Leaders out of our Trainers so that they make up to a new world ,  the world of Knowledge, the world of Transformation, The world of Change, The world of Opportunity & The world of Glorious Future

-Article by Sunil Anand


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