Are you in alignment with your values?


I was talking to a friend and he asked, “I know my purpose; I am doing things I always wanted to do; things I am passionate about. But I still feel stuck many a times. Why is it that I am not achieving the results I expect? Why does it still feel hollow? Why am I not at peace within?”

We often hear about having purpose. While purpose is important, it can still be very challenging to achieve a sense of continuous achievement, fulfillment and inner peace without having defined our personal values.

Each one of us has a distinct set of values albeit at a subconscious level. Bringing these to conscious awareness is what gives us crystal clarity to walk on the path leading to our purpose.  It aids critical decision making and helps us to move ahead faster in a desired direction. Values are the core essence of who we are. They define our being; they shape our lives. It is values that provide the direction; they act as a guiding principle leading the way.

Often times, even though we are aware about the direction and purpose, we are in conflict with our own values. Being in such a situation can be extremely frustrating; no amount of self motivation or pep talk can help us be at peace within and we remain stuck.

A major cause of all conflict is our need to fit in and be accepted by others. This need leads us to do what others expect us to do, often at the expense of going against our true self and our values. This helps neither our loved ones nor us as it breeds superficial relationships that cannot sustain for long. We end up losing our inner peace impacting each and every area of life.

Values, when articulated clearly, help us to be in alignment with our authentic true self. It requires all of our Determination, Dedication, Commitment and Conviction to live by our values. The rewards are worth the struggle and pain as it allows you to live with your head held high and significantly reduces the ongoing ‘noise’ and mind chatter within.

So, if you think you are stuck or not achieving success the way you have visualized it, do check if you are in alignment with your values?

-Article by Vishakha Bhagnani


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