Temple Bells (Haiku)


Temple bells die out.
The fragrant blossoms remain.
A perfect evening!

When temple bells die out its beautiful silence. When we become silent, our inner being blossoms and like evening we are neither day nor night, in middle, Gap.

It is a beautiful moment and a beautiful experience – but there is much more in life. There is much more than music, because music is after all sound, and there is silence too. Music is beautiful but you should not forget silence. Dance is beautiful, but there is something beyond it: an absolute unmoving state of consciousness… no dance.

There are beauties and beauties…and there are categories. Music and dance are very physical. As far as they go they are beautiful, but one should not get stuck with them, one should not be stopped by them. They should open the door for the higher realm. For example, if you are really a lover of music, soon music will be forgotten and you will be entering into silence. If you are really in deep attachment with dance, soon the dance has to disappear, so that you can be in an unmoving state of being.

-Article by Dhwani Shah


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