Through your nose, you draw into the body the “breath of life”. Nose is a passage.

Man in himself is not a being but a passage. In himself, man is not a being, because man is continuously a becoming. There is no rest in being a man. Rest is below man or above man.
Below is nature, above is God. Man is just in between – a link, a ladder. You cannot rest on a ladder, you cannot stop on the ladder. The ladder cannot become your abode. The man has to be surpassed, man has to be transcended.
Man is a journey between your two infinities. One is your nature, one infinity; another is your hidden God, the other infinity. And man is just between the two, a ferry boat. Use it, but don’t be confined by it. Use it, but don’t be defined by it. Always remember that you have to go beyond.

-Article by Dhwani Shah


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