Movie Review – Searching

Searching The Movie- Review

‘Searching’ – the movie is a revelation highlighting the upshots of social media on an entire generation; as the protagonist embarks on a personal search operation for his daughter, tracking her digital footprints.

The film obviously does not follow the sacred short story routine of introduction, rising tempo, climax, fall and then resolution, but grips you into its momentum from the very first scene where you have David text his daughter Margot on day-to-day issues – keeping a tab on her whereabouts, garbage throwing out routines via social media.

Every text sent or unsent, every ‘call’ missed or received makes you skip a heartbeat underlining the fact that technology has a tenacious grip on us and the society as a whole.

As you become a part of David Kim’s operation ‘Find Margo’, the filmmaker drops clues and hints along the way, prodding you to pay attention to detail.

Debra Messing as the detective with a ‘dare you mess with me look’ is a woman with a strong resolve to protect and persevere till the cookie crumbles.

Aneesh Chaganty in his debut movie tugs at your heartstrings as the film focuses on social isolation. Aneesh also highlights how the disparities in our coping mechanisms on losing our ’loved ones’ take us away from each other.

The movie with its Asian American director and star cast in a Hollywood movie makes a strong positive statement on inclusion. A one-time, must watch for all who have accepted Social media as an integral part of our lives!

– Article written by Aparna Dedhia


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