The Wonder

There was a boy and a father,
Living in a domicile of skillion roof,
A few utensils and clothes made their living.
The boy heard one day a creepy dominant voice,
As if emanating from the roof itself,
He took up his flashlight and looked up at the ceiling.
Hmm, it made him wonder,
Oh, it made him wonder.
The boy told his father the voice asked for favor,
“Favor? What favor? I owe nobody nothing,” he said,
The boy then told him all that the voice was demanding.
The voice wanted to stay with them, under same roof,
And he wanted them to serve him food every day,
That’s all he wanted, no more and nothing.
Hmm, it made him wonder,
Oh, it made him wonder.
He snatched the flashlight from his boy,
Looked at the roof, as if one’s sketched a proned human there,
With beard but limbs of a woman, downward he was looking.
The voice repeated again, the same thing to him,
The father felt as if along his back a snake was crawling,
He rushed to a witch doctor, told him all about the ceiling.
Hmm, it made him wonder,
Oh, it made him wonder.
Doctor came with jackal horn, said it must be a foxy spirit,
Chanted all the spells he could, produced smoke in air,
But little did he know how the boy and his father were reeling.
The voice made no more appearance since and they lived happily,
What a relief, they couldn’t believe their luck,
For next two days, staring at the roof was all they were doing.
But, it made them wonder,
Oh, it really made them wonder.
Five days hence, a grisly woman in rags visited,
Told them she would cook delicacies for them,
If they let her stay, that was all she was asking.
Delighted and intrigued, they invited her in,
Father loved the food but boy loved the maid more,
Yet he could never tell her about his real feeling.
Hmm, she made him wonder,
Oh yes, she really made him wonder.
He asked her where she was from, she shrugged,
He asked her why she was helping them, she mumbled,
And he heard nothing, wondering what she was saying.
Then one day she said she was from another dimension,
The boy told her if she could let him trek there,
“It’s a bad place for bad people,” she said, seething.
Hmm, it made him wonder,
Oh, it made him wonder.
He said he was not a bad boy, but she said “no”,
He insisted that she take him there for just a day only,
But “no” was all he got from her – and nothing.
He watched her crouched posture as her legs vanished into dark,
Then her torso, waist, hands, breasts and head followed,
Her dark hair was the last to fade, and then there was nothing.
Hmm, it made him wonder,
Oh, it made his father wonder too.
Father was agape, said the house must be haunted,
He burned it down – that place of wonders, and left,
For another place that would be safe and soothing,
Where they’d have nothing to wonder about.
So they hopped into their car and never looked back,
The house was getting crushed bit by bit, still burning
– By Marlowe


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