The Shooting Star



She took my hands of little

And kissed me as she smiled

Heaven’s greatest gift you are

My love, my life, my child


Often to me with twinkling eyes she’d say

“You’re my sun on a cold winter morn

The glow of fire in the wild

Your every giggle lights my day

My nights are blessed with you, my child”


Her eyes flowed more than mine when I fell

As she snug me ever so mild

You are safe with me she said

Don’t you fear when I’m there my child


Her hands fed me, dressed me, caressed me

And beautifully my hair she styled

My hero she was all through life

And blessed was I to be her child


Today she twinkles in the sky

And my heart makes a wish as the night while

There she breaks into a shooting star

Anything for you my child, anything for you my child!!!


– By Dr. Shweta Singh


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