The Messiah


Total blindness.

no I am not blind,

Just that there’s no light here

Hence the blindness,

Darkness frightens me

I am afraid of darkness


Strange sounds I hear

Howling, growling and thumping

Frightening yet very interesting,

The feeling within was frustrating

Took two steps back

Fell back horror struck


Fell back only to feel the fur

Fur so soft,  for me to seek comfort

The fur seemed to move,

Looked back only to find a lusty, hungry beast

I fell onto the ground unnerved.


I ran as fast as I could

But, still could hear thumping

Clear as a wolf would…

Only to find a person riding a white horse

Galloping fast with a sword in a hand

Unafraid Towards the beast


Hooded, masked man he was

Bravest of all I had seen

Slay the beast apart

Got down the horse

Walked towards me


Tall , confident he stood unafraid of the beast!

I opened my mouth only to ask ‘who?’

‘Who are you?’

Gently did he remove his mask

To leave me awestruck

His face was a reflection of mine…

I’m your messiah he replied.

– By Chaitanya


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