…Around 60 years back, in one of the big and beautiful cities of India, there lived a sweet girl who was truly adorable and very admirable. Her name was Ruks.

Ruks was a bright child at school, and on completion of studies, her parents married her to a suitable groom in the same city. After marriage, within a span of 16 years, Ruks was blessed one after the other, with five really cute and charming kids.  As an individual, Ruks herself was a very enthusiastic child and used to win laurels at school, but in spite of being ambitious in her work, she decided to obey her parents, and dedicated her life to husband and nurturing of children, while at the same time, looking after their big and sprawling house in the heart of the city.

So years rolled by, and the routine of life continued, while Ruks with all her enthusiasm and zest for life, amassed a lot of knowledge and gathered a lot of skill sets in the area of arts and crafts, and channelized her energy in creative pursuits, while still continuing to don the role of a master homemaker, with acting skills in multi-disciplines like culinary, home management as well as garnished personalised attention to educating the kids with warmth, food and nourishment, not to mention, love, care and connection….

Many years passed, one by one, the kids settled down in life. Als was Ruks youngest daughter, indeed like all her siblings, Al was very fond of her mother.

Al’s mother was very encouraging. Al was bright & ambitious, like Ruks. One could say, Al was the shadow of Ruks in many ways.  Slowly slowly, Als grew up, finished school, graduated from college, pursued further studies and completed her Masters, went ahead to work in the field of Creative Arts, got married and settled down in one of the thriving cities of India…

Als was Ruk’s blooming image… With many generations passing by, Ruks could see that Al was indeed living the dreams that once were hers. One day, Ruks met her long-lost childhood friends through the unique medium of Whatsapp, (Hail Whatsapp!), all of Ruk’s friends united with each other, and after so many decades, they were one happy family again.

One day, Ruks introduced Als to her school-friends. Ruks shared with them all of her childhood dreams that were rooted in her little heart, back then.  When all of Ruk’s friends saw Als, all they had to say was: Als indeed was a miniature of Ruks. Ruks eyes welled with tears. She said to her friends, Yes, Als is that dream of mine, which has come true in the span of all this time.

Als smiled and hugged her mom, and said: “Indeed Mumma, I am your dream, which you have planted, by planting the seed of life in me, yes, I am your cherished gift to the world, which you have gifted with life itself.

 Hello friends, I am Alifia, on the occasion of Mother’s day, it gives me great pleasure in sharing this beautiful story with you. A mother’s love for her child is the gift of life itself, and the above story illustrates that very well.

Love, gratitude, obedience, dedication, enthusiasm, zest for life and appreciation for all the good things, makes life indeed worth living. Friends, you will find this story truly inspiring, I would like to say while Ruks & Als are characters of this beautiful story, they are also very real because it’s a life-story about, none other than me!  

– By Alifia.


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