The very Essence of Life & Existence starts from the word called “MOTHER” who not only happens to be our first nurturer, mentor, and the guardian of our life, but at the same time, she is the Angel in disguise appointed by the Divine Creator to take care of us in this lifetime.

A Mother is not only the Hand that rocks the cradle & rules this world by giving her undivided attention & devotion to her family, without any apprehensions. She is the one on whom the family depends not only for the performance of the routine chores, but specially during the times of crisis, she becomes the firm strength of the family to keep together the calmness and stability throughout …

She is the epitome of selflessness, generosity & forgiveness. The gravity and magnitude of her deeds & unconditional love towards her dear ones is simply priceless.

In spite of having such super enduring qualities, she may still feel challenged for many situations in her space, cause there is no resolution per se.

Let us analyze a few of the burning issues that she may be facing and yet handling it with the most calm & poised approach.

  • Even though she may be tired throughout the day at work or attending to family needs, she will compromise on her personal sleep & time to ensure spending quality moments with her kids for having fun playing together & monitoring their studies etc.
  • Whenever there is a financial crunch in the family, she will thriftily handle the household chores reducing unwanted expenses and saving every penny possible.
  • Despite any friction or discord with other family members with little or no support from the better half, she will still attempt to settle the indifferences & reconcile the relations for maintaining peace and harmony in her space.
  • When she notices her children taking wrong decisions or going astray in life, she will promptly correct them and encourage & guide them back towards the right path.

This beautiful Soul can integrate & blend the harmony of the boundless existence & yet outshine and take precedence in all possible ways. It is virtually impossible to measure and reckon the expressions of a Mother’s Love & the entire universe bows down to the greatness, grandeur & glory of  “THE ENLIGHTENING MOTHERHOOD” says Ashna Ddhannak.

We must nothing, but SALUTE to THIS ENORMOUS POWER WITHIN US !!!

– By Ashna Ddhannak.



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