How nice is God
He made you my Mum
From the moment my Life began
I knew I was the Lucky one!

When I am lonely
I look up for your company
For you are not just a Mother
But also a friend to me.

Though my sister you love more
I know you love me also
I always felt jealous because you turned to her side
Even when I was beside.

Whenever I scream and yell at you
You never say a word or two
You ignore my faults and let it go
Because I am still a kid for you.

You always spared the rod
Even though it were my fault
Whenever we both fought
I keep scolding you a lot
Still, you have a heart to forgive
Though I hurt you more or little!

Each day my love for you grows more and more
But I know that I can never show.

Though many times I have disobeyed you
And many a time I don’t even talk to you
Still, I know you love me true.

You helped me learn all my lessons
From standard one to standard twelve
You make me laugh whenever I feel blue
If I don’t have a friend,
I know I can come back to you.

I remember when you taught me Maths
I always use to sit like a dumb
And you use to solve the sum
Now, when I chat on the computer
With my sister
You always stand beside me
And work like a tape recorder
I always keep telling you
That I am not a computer too.

You make such tasty dishes
You always cook according to my wishes
But sometimes when it’s not so good
You are sure it will spoil my mood.

Whenever you take me out for shopping
I never come back without buying something,
And If I am hungry and want to eat
I know that my mummy will give me a treat!

When I come home from college
You first serve me my lunch
Whenever you give me a cup of milk
I tell you, even you must drink.

You listen to all my stories and jokes
Even though you  get very bored
You laugh sometimes at what I say or do
And you even make funny faces
The way I want you to
I am the lucky me
To have such a nice mummy!!



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