My Thoughts Make Me Who I Am…..

Life is not living it but making it…..
Ponder to see ..are we running,desiring or creating by the bit…
DAWN Turns to day, As stars are dispersed
wherever I lay, I think of u first ,
positive ,negative and  neutral
its more of a sudden outburst  “$####$”
Believe me …,how nice would it be if your pensive and at hurst!
An urge to hide hurts,
In the silence of monument valley!
Secret openings had been bricked up within,
That’s the ancient pride ever in race.
Dissected by the pebbles,
the flow gets torn here and there,
A puddle of disappointment!
between the breakfast and dinner time,
Hiddenwith long smiles which hide itas if its settlement
Believe me is it closeness or socia media battlement…????
As the pride approached,
Few drops of water naked in sunshine,
a milky thread falls from the mountain.
HIdes it all ,welcoming the new peace and the prettyhappy ” MINE”!!
Its pathetic!human don’t hear another fellow human
the hearts dont see or hear them say !
its tetchy,now to be holding the mutual bond back
THE SOULS ARE almost dead or top in exile
and the commotion swallows it all
The queen of a humble voice flew away in the dark
all that remains is a symphony of show-offs
Like the gloomy song of the fall ,
which takes the beauty of winds birds and nature protocol!!
Alone in my heart ,alone in my dreams
alone in my room , in my bed and by all means !
But i’m not alone in my heart or head
cause the happiness is yet to yield and make me move ahead
like the sunlight after every dawn and dark….
Let the encircled jungle of thoughts settle and embark!
Life is a blessing and so much to offer …
Take each day as it comes with a stride
because myfriend after every storm ,there is a rainbow in hide
let your thoughts be your best chauffeur and TAKE U AHEAD AND BLESS U WITH THE BEST TO OFFER :_) !!


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