My Favourite Hobby ….. Soccer


My favourite hobby is playing soccer. I started playing soccer since I was four years old. You will always catch me playing soccer in any free time that I have.


For those who don’t know much about it, it’s a game played by teams with 11 members each in the team. It is often played on grass. The length of the soccer pitch between 100m to 130m and its width is between 50 m to 100m. Nowadays soccer is also played with 5 members in each team popularly known as Futsal. Soccer was invented by the Britishers in the mid-19th century. Countries like Brazil, Germany, Argentina, and Portugal are some of the top football playing nations. In n terms of football clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid are some of the most well-known clubs globally. Among the current players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are considered the best


For me playing soccer is not only about having fun but also it teaches me many things about life. It requires thinking on your feet, quick action and teamwork. These skills help you stay focused and productive in your personal and professional life. In soccer, as in life, you will sometimes fail, but you will have to learn to overcome it. This will be handy in real life while dealing with situations like a rejection in the job interview.


Football inspires me to keep improving my skills by continuously practicing it. It makes you understand that you must work hard to be the best in the field you want to excel in. Football also instils other important personality traits like teamwork and giving your 100%. It is not always about giving only your best but it is also about inspiring other team players to also give their 100%.

As a sport, football is fun and can be played anywhere and by anyone. You can play it on a beach, with a ball, barefooted with your friends and have two backpacks as your goalposts. You may also play alone by practicing how to juggle a ball or practice by kicking ball onto the wall

I enjoy playing soccer every day in my free time. Come to, join me for a match of the most beautiful game in the world!

– By Arsh Shrivastava


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