You not only passed on your looks to me,

The fire in my belly is your gift to me!!

However, cool demeanor I may have,

To stand strong, when wronged, is your gift to me!!

I thank God that you left the world,

As it ended the miseries you were going through!!

Though, the gnawing emptiness is painful,

Yet gives me the wisdom, that as your child, I had to outlive you!!

Couldn’t add to your miseries, by going away before you!!

Though had lost my smiles and pleasure of life after you…

The strength you passed on to me is making me come back to life again!!!

After all, didn’t want a scolding from you for being such a weakling!!

And also I have to pass on your goodness to my son, now as a mother!!

Every mother’s day you called to wish me, before I did, every Sunday we chatted for hours in the early mornings!!

You taught me all, why didn’t you teach me to live without you!!

You both as parents were a terrific team,

Passed on the best genes to us!!

Wish you had taught me to live in the hollowness of your absence too!!


– By Ujjwala Phalke



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