Love you MUMMA…!


Tell me Mumma, if I am wrong!

A mother plays a huge role in our life. She gives us birth and this is the most precious gift we can get on this earth. All words will fall short to describe a mother. But, sometimes, we all need to express our love, gratitude, appreciation and true emotions which we carry in our heart for our mother.

Someone has rightly said that, “Happiness is being lucky enough to see your mother smile.”

Dear Mom,

Yes, I can see you smile, when the star in the sky twinkles, when the sun in the sky shines so brightly and of course, when dad is playing the perfect role of a “Mom” to me.

I know, you do not want flowers nor a candle for “Mother’s Day”, I am sure you deserve to hear my heartfelt emotions! Any woman can be a mother, but it takes someone special to be a “Mom”. Couldn’t that special be a male? Couldn’t “Mother’s Day” an appropriate time to celebrate single fathers also, who are the perfect mommies like my dad? The experiences of individuals become their reality.

Mumma, I know you know, how much I love you though I haven’t seen you in person, as you left me and dad, due to childbirth complications the day I was born. Since then, dad is my world. He is the most important person in my life and will always be. Ever since I was little, he has been my hero and someone I’ve always looked up to. Ever since then, he is my mom. He is always there for me, who taught me the things you might and for that reason I celebrate him on “Mother’s Day”.

Tell me Mumma, if you were with us, were the things a little different? He has supported me in absolutely everything. He is the one who helped me with my homework, who attended my every parent-teacher meet, who were there listening and being on my side through all my stupid tantrums and who were there for all those awkward shopping trips. I salute him the way he has raised me. There are so many to thank, I can’t even put to words. I know, how stressful it could have been for him, to raise me without you. He was trying to be in your shoes.

Everyone had an opinion about him raising me alone. No one ever tells us that a father is a “Superhero single dad”. Only single moms seem to get the title. The day he became a single dad and more so my mom, his social life skidded to an abrupt halt. How must he have done it all on his own?

From a biological perspective, we are more inclined to think of the mother-child relationship than the father-child relationship as women are more nurturing as parents then men. Tell me mom, is dad less than a mother? Is there a more challenging transition for a man to become a single dad with a day old baby? How he would have adjusted to the new reality of things, a major and life changing task.

Not a single moment, when I struggled with something, it could be silly or serious and dad was there to rescue, just as you would be there! It doesn’t matter how old I am, dad is never tired of giving me an advice, just as you would be there!

We never stop evolving as humans, so you would love to hear that dad has always stood by me, no matter what.

You have seen it all,

  • When his words of encouragement made all the difference,
  • when his multitasking is truly marvel,
  • when he puts a smile on my face,
  • when he never lets me down,
  • when he comes with great plans to make my day perfect,
  • when he always shields me from all possible harm,
  • when I learned everything, one really need to know from a mom,
  • when the greatest thing he taught me was independence
  • when he has made unimaginable sacrifices in his own life to infuse happiness in my life,
  • when he sat up all night listening to my sniffle, whenever I was sick,
  • when your baby was getting married and he advised me to treat my in-laws the way I would want my parents to be treated,
  • when he said that, “The key to a happy marriage is low expectations”,

Yes, mom, you have seen it all how dad said little, sacrificed all, complained little, gave all, just like you would have done it!

Just like you would have done it!

At times, he was hard on me, but that was for my good.

There were plenty of less-than-pleasant moments that accompanied motherhood for dad. Every time, when I think about those moments and think about you, I wonder to myself, as to how could I ever adjust to the fact that, you are not with us!

Yes, I could do so, as you were with dad holding my hand, be it

  • my first step, whilst I started walking or
  • my first step into womanhood

I have fought and argued, but dad has kept calm. I have ranted and screamed, he made sure his love beamed. All he wanted his child to be happy, just like you would wish for me. I could see “You, my mommy” in dad.

Tell me Mumma, you too agree that dad has done a thankless job of being a mother and a father too! There aren’t enough words in any language to express how we feel about our parents, the more we try, and we’re always coming up short.

You know Mom, I love you without me having to say anything at all.

You are not with us, but you are smiling up there when you see that, “My dad is my Mom”

If I could change things, I might take the opportunity to bring you back in our life.

But, I know you are happy to see that, I celebrate Dad on “Mother’s Day” as…My Dad is also my Mom”.

Yes, Mumma, My Dad is my Mom!

– By Pratiksha Bhogle


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