Life won’t be easy!


He seemed to be Cornered from everywhere,
Struggling with his life, finding his share;
Hoping for a miracle to change his destiny,
To bring happiness, peace and harmony;

The world is out for the social war,
He wonders if anyone, can fix up his scar;
He wonders “why life is taking such a bend?”
Thinkng that his life, is about to end;

Living with fake smiles and hypocrisy,
They say hiding the pain is so easy;
Where everyone in the world, needs sympathy,
In Finding true love, who is trustworthy;

What they call love, is just a game of lust,
And for the rich ,its just the quench of thirst;
That painful heart of one side feeling,
Which is waiting for someone to do the healing;

He feels , His life is  behaving too strange,
Cause he realises that pain makes people change;
A drastic turn,
Let the world burn;
Cause behind the hidden clouds,lies sunshine,
All you need , Is to fake a great smile!
So remove the unwanted “dears”,
Control your tears;
Cause life won’t be easy;
Until you strive and get busy!!!

– By AliHusain Sorathiya


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